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“I had an affair with a married man…”4 min read


At the Universal Church, we have various groups to help people in different areas of their lives, and the love life is a must. In Brazil, there is an international programme called The Love School, where you can receive tips to resolve love problems, increase harmony within marriage and have a committed long term relationship. Renato and Cris Cardoso are the hosts whom counsel in relationship matters. In one of their segments ‘The Love School Responds’, they respond to one of the students who had an affair with a married man, but his wife found out and they both parted away. Now, she wants to know how to get him back.

Question by Student Evelyn :

I had an affair with a friend at work and we were together for two months. Two weeks ago, his wife picked up the phone with all our spicy conversations. It was a horrible thing and they fought a lot. He is trying to change the situation around, but I really like him. We work in the same hall and see each other every day. It is very difficult because we use to stay together after work every day and now we are in this situation. What do I do to have him back?

Renato – What you are doing is wrong and you have the audacity to write to us and ask what you should do to have him back? Do you really expect us to give you some advice so you can get back with a married man? I don’t think you understood the program well nor what kind of teachers we are. Because we would never advise you what to do to win a committed man. Of course, you are not well within. This is the first thing you have to understand and also that you are being the victim of your deceitful heart. To relate to a man who is married and to do something that he knows is wrong is to plant injustice. You will continue as you are: alone and waiting while this man is only using you.

Cristiane Even when we love someone, we want the good of that person. So if you love this man so much, why do you want his evil and want to get him out of the family? You even tell him that he and the woman had a horrible fight, that is, is that what you want for him? This love does not make sense, Evelyn. People confuse what they feel and wants with love. You are being a selfish person with this affair. He only wants his good and he is not thinking about others. Such people suffer because they are unjust and think only of themselves. Therefore, they do not gain anything from anyone, because no human being tolerates someone like that. Life itself does not tolerate the selfish. Only the giver receives.

Renato You are not suffering just because you like someone married, but because you are a person who has selfishness above your own principles and who puts your needs above what is right. You would not want someone to do this to you if you were married, but you are doing it to another woman. Do you know what happens? Based on the Word of God it is :

“But if he strikes him with an iron implement, so that he dies, he is a murderer; the murderer shall surely be put to death.”

If you hurt with treachery iron, there in front you will be betrayed as well. You have to change that unfair behavior and forbid your heart from liking who does not deserve your love and who is not the right person to receive it. Do not give me the story, which he must have told you, as it is common for a married man to tell lovers that he is not happy in marriage. This is the talk of the traitorous and traitorous man’s book. If you fall for those tears, you will be fooled. Evelyn, come out of that situation.


* Every Thursday we have the Love Therapy meetings, which is designed to help you live a stable, happy and fulfilled love life, based on the Word of God.

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