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Xavante Indians know the Word of God3 min read

Xavante indigenous population

Currently, the Xavante indigenous population in Brazil has more than 15,300 individuals spread across 12 indigenous lands. All these villages are located in the east of the State of Mato Grosso and also in the State of Goiás.

Recently, the Evangelization group (EVG) of The Universal church took the Word of God to the Indians of Mato Grosso. From Agua Boa, the volunteers’ starting point, to the villages, which are in Campinápolis, 250 kilometers were covered.

No impediment
In spite of the distance and the difficulties, nothing was able to cause the volunteers to fade away. “Access is difficult, especially in this rainy season, because of the mud on the roads. In addition, there are other difficulties to reach the site, “said Pastor Adão dos Santos Silva, head of the EVG group at the site.

Two other volunteers, the Pastor’s wife Rosângela Damasceno Silva and the Divina dos Santos Godoi, were present at the event. Together, they visited 10 villages where they carried Salvation to those who did not know the Word of God. According to the Pastor, that number was only 10% of the total number of villages. Everywhere they went, according to Pastor Adam, it was possible to perceive that all Xavantes have the same needs, such as medicines, clothes, blankets and, mainly, food, because in the place, there are many malnourished children.

However, despite all the difficulties of the Xavantes, they demonstrated joy in knowing that they are not forgotten by God. In addition, the happiness in receiving volunteers from The Universal Church was so great, that they sang to express gratitude. “Wherever we go we receive hugs, as well as demonstrations of respect,” says the Pastor.

Xavante IndiansSpiritual food
Although this is a recent action, the evangelistic work carried out with the Indians in Mato Grosso has already taken place since 2017. To date, more than 1,000 indigenous people have already been reached throughout the region.

“We took the opportunity to show that the Word strengthens, the volunteers made everyone aware of the importance of water baptism and the encounter with God. We also show that as soon as the thirst for knowledge of God arises, through the Holy Spirit, “said the Shepherd.

The Word was so warm that everyone wanted the volunteers to live in the village so that every day the Word of the Lord Jesus could be brought to them.

According to Bishop Lindomar Santos, responsible for Universal’s work in the state of Mato Grosso, the work done with the Indians is gratifying. “Many of them do not understand the language, but they listen to what we speak and with the help of the interpreter we can communicate, carry the Word of our Lord. Thank God, many were baptized and surrendered to Jesus. We will continue to stand firm in our focus, which is to populate the Kingdom of Heaven, regardless of race, ethnicity, or social class.

The Gospel is for everyone. There is still much to be done, but we are going to gain souls for our God, “he concluded.


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