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A New Vision2 min read

A New Vision2 min read

When a person’s interior is not well, it’s unlikely that he/ she will succeed in other areas of their life… 

Empty, frustrated, and unable to find direction for her life; this was the state of Weulla, a woman whose dreams and ambitions had vanished.

“I had tried everything and nothing was right for me. My financial life was bad and those who looked at me would think I had success, but in fact, I didn’t – it was all a façade,” tells the mother of two girls whose life was negative in every aspect.


Concerning love, the situation was not better… “I did not believe in love anymore, or in having a family. Due to having gone through many romantic disappointments, I was hurt and believed that true love existed between me and my two daughters. This love was a family love, because of a previous partner, I no longer believed in romantic love.

Inside, I was a very unhappy person. I always wore a smile, but inside I was crying. I didn’t like that feeling and wanted to change this situation… That’s how I arrived at the Universal.”


Weulla learned to take care of her interior because no amount of success could fill the empty void she had. She learned that God could remove these negative feelings and consequently bless all areas of her life.

Today Weulla is a totally different person.

“I am doing well in every way, I have a job where I feel rewarded because I work and I see my money – something that I did not do before. Today I know that my loyalty to God is rewarded. Sometimes people ask me the reason for my success in such a short time and I know the name of my success, He is called ‘God‘ ! Today I put God first and make faith-based purposes, because I know I will see results! “, she says.


A New VisionEverything has changed! I married a person who helps me and completes me in every way. For someone who did not believe in love, today I am very accomplished in this area. Sometimes I think I’m dreaming, but this is not a dream but the reality of God in my life!”

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