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What fear is capable of doing…1 min read

Open Door

The land was at war, and the king was astonished.

Each time he took prisoners, he would not kill them. Instead, he’d take them to a room where a group of archers stood in one corner and a huge iron door was in the other. The door had engravings of skulls covered with blood.

In this room, he would make them stand in a circle, and then say, “You may choose to be shot by my archers or pass through that door and be locked in by me.”

All the prisoners who went into the room chose to be killed by the archers.

At the end of the war, a soldier, who had served the king for a long time, said to him:

– Sir, may I ask you a question?

– Go ahead, soldier.

– What was behind that scary door?”

– Go and look for yourself.

The soldier opened the door slowly and realized that as he does so, rays of sunshine broke through and the room became filled with light. Then, when the door was completely open, he saw that it lead to a path that would lead to freedom.

Astonished, the soldier looked at his king, who said:

– I gave them a choice, but they would rather die than risk opening that door.

How many doors haven’t we opened for fear of risk?

How many times have we lost our freedom and died inside, just because we were afraid to open the door of our dreams?

God bless everyone!

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