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A seemingly harmless practice: “Sugar babies”2 min read

A seemingly harmless practice: “Sugar babies”2 min read

The amount of Student Loan Debt has never been higher. One in 4 American adults have Student Loan Debt. Many student borrowers are not able to afford $400 in case of a personal emergency. You’re probably thinking of various solutions;  refinancing, finding a repayment plan, or a side business, but the following will surprise you.

We can establish that the majority of young adults with debt are most likely to experience hardship in their financial life. Just as any other stressful situation, many seek to find quick alternatives to their problem. However, some consider a more radical approach and contemplate becoming “Sugar babies”. The term is used to define a young person who offers their time and company in return for gifts.

Many young men and women are making this practice their plan B for an extra source of income. There are even sites and marketing campaigns that arrange these services and promise young adults professional connections, a lavish lifestyle, a salary or relationship if both parties agree.

According to various online dating sites that specialize in this practice, over 130 counties are currently seeking this service. Despite what it seems, the trade is not considered to be prostitution, it’s consensual, and a sexual relationship is not an obligation. However, it doesn’t stop it from being a risky situation.

The Bible warns in Proverbs 14:12, “There is a way that seems right to a man, but his end is the ways of death.”

Moreover, the same Word also directs that we should flee from the appearance of evil (read 1 Thessalonians 5:22) and not be carried away by the heart, which is misleading (read Jeremiah 17: 9).

In addition, the Bible makes it clear that the way of blessings is the way of righteousness, of discipline. It is a difficult and painful road because it is contrary to most of this world. The Lord Jesus taught and commanded:

“Enter the narrow gate … And because the gate is narrow, and the way that leads to life is narrow, there are few who find it.”

The wrong way is the easiest. There are no sacrifices of the personal will. Easy money, easy life, everything is very easy. But the Lord also warns:

“For the gate is broad, and the way that leadeth to destruction is great, and many are they that go in through him.”

Aware of these teachings, it is clear that anyone who chooses an “easy way out” or steps on any other path that does not require the discipline of the Word of God will undoubtedly choose the facilities that hell makes available; a cursed life.


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