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The deadliest drug in America2 min read

The deadliest drug in America2 min read

Thousands of deaths caused by an overdose of opioids in the U.S link to Fentanyl and cocaine. Particularly in the eastern states. Recently a professor of family and community medicine; Dr. Dan states that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration regulates the fentanyl as a scheduled II narcotic. It has limited use in the hospital setting and legally used as an anesthetic.

Fentanyl is a controlled substance because of the potential use of abuse. It was originally developed to relieve pain in cancer patients. It’s helpful for patients who have already established a tolerance with opioids to manage their pain. However, when mixed with heroin it’s highly potent. Cocaine and heroin remain to be the street drug choice.

For someone who may be looking for the next quick high may run the risk of having an overdose. Those who buy heroin might be buying fentanyl without realizing it. The National Bureau of Economic Research reports that people who have been diagnosed with mental illness consume 69 percent of the nation’s alcohol and 84 percent fo the national’s cocaine.

People who suffer from depression, don’t want to stay in that mood. They don’t wake up and decide they are going to be depressed. Some seek help, others get discouraged and unfortunately, some seek any substance that will “ease” or eliminate their sadness.

When cocaine is used, the levels of dopamine in the brain increase and creates a high. However, prolonged use can reduce your dopamine levels. As a result, the person will find it hard and will never find their first “high”. The idea of mixing any opioid such as Fentanyl can seem like a solution to many but in reality, it will only lead to death.


The deadliest drug in America

I was addicted to cocaine for 25 years. I lost money and I almost lost my mind and my family. The drug would make me forget for a moment. I didn’t want to get out of bed and I almost gave up hope. I felt like I had no help, without answers, I just wanted to forget.

The first time I went to The Universal Church received counseling and I felt great. I have no addiction, nor desire for drugs. My mentality is being transformed no matter what is going on. I’m going forward and not looking back. I feel peace and joy within me. I want to live forever.

– Ms. Bridget



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