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Do you seek an applause?1 min read

Do you seek an applause?1 min read

A person that has given their time to God and His Work. He/She dedicates hours to evangelizations, meetings, various social work and is always willing to help in any services that may appear. Even when the church is being cleaned, they insist on being present.

Getting involved with the Work of God is a characteristic of those who want to please Him. But the servant needs to do a self-analysis about what motivates him to do what he does, and especially to the doer. Have you ever thought about this?

Unfortunately, many people “serve” God with ulterior motives. There are those who need to be noticed and “do” something with the intention of receiving praise and thus “massaging their ego” with praise and applause.

There are Christians who have bad intentions in what they do because they seek their own interests and benefits in some way, for example, they long for a title in the Church or anything that has become the reason for which they are serving.

Food for thought.

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