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Is Love Therapy for me?1 min read

Love Therapy

Perhaps you don’t know all the benefits in participating in The Love Therapy. Surprisingly, getting a boyfriend or girlfriend is NOT the focus of the meeting.

Although there are many more reasons to attend, below you will find 10 great reasons to join. Evaluate yourself and see the transformation that will take place by participating in the lectures:

1 ) Heal from the wounds of past relationships;

2) Learn intelligent love;

3 ) Prepare before dating;

4 ) Know how to choose someone compatible;

5 ) Overcoming the myths of relationships;

6 ) To regain a lost love;

7 ) Learn to value yourself;

8 ) Restoring a marriage in crisis;

9 ) Becoming a better husband/wife;

10 ) Bless your relationship. 

It is a fact that to be happy in the love life it takes much more than just having someone else, otherwise, there would not be so many people frustrated and unhappy in love even being in a relationship. There are basic requirements to be happy in your love life.

First of all, it is necessary to love yourself, to take care of your interior, to be well resolved, at peace and happy with yourself to be part of someone else’s happiness.
Yes, because these are indispensable requirements to build a happy and lasting relationship.

Hence the importance of participating in the Therapy of Love. Being prepared when that someone appears in your life, is more important than finding someone special.

So, stop making excuses and come do what is your responsibility: investing in yourself.

Visit The Love Therapy on Thursdays at The Universal Church near you.

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