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I want a divorce!3 min read

I want a divorce!3 min read

In the past, marriage was considered a serious matter but it gradually became a pursuit of happiness. And this is where the error took place. This happiness must be within you before exchanging vows. Eventually, couples had the choice to divorce if they were unhappy and half of them did.

Committing to someone is not something
from the past, and it should bring excitement, knowing that your loved one or an acquaintance is making one of the most important decisions in their lives.

When you marry with faith and fear at the altar of God, it will keep your marriage strong in the hardest days. Marriage vows say everything, you know that life is not perfect and troubles will come (because they will) are you ready to get for it in during times of struggle, or will you call it quits?

Many articles speak about how divorce was the best decision ever, in their “spiritual” growth, independence and how they found peace. Others say “now we understand each other and know how to deal with our emotions”.

Divorce doesn’t have to take place for this to happen.

If things don’t go your way; divorce
If he/she doesn’t do what you want them to do; divorce
If he/she looks at someone; divorce
If he/she blinks; Divorce… (Okay, maybe not that, but you get the point!)

Divorces in the past are definitely changing from today.

There are even celebrations made specifically for a divorce, some are so bizarre that even you who are contemplating a break up will think it’s a tad too much. Just as one woman in Texas who had a “blast” celebrating the end of her 14 years of marriage. A day after her divorce, she blew up her wedding dress with 20 pounds of explosive material in the honor of her recent divorce! Ending her 14 years of marriage.

If you are contemplating the idea of going separate ways here are some tips to help you before you come to your decision. God is love and how unfortunately many couples never learn to love each other. Marriage is the most important thing in your life after God. No one can decide whether you should divorce your spouse or shouldn’t. There are some cases divorce is the only way out, but before you decide, ask yourself the following:

1) Safety If there is violence, crime etc, – If this is the case you should leave, your safety is rst.

2) Solving Problems During your major problem, were you incapable to solve it or was it a lack of will-power to do so. You can take a marriage course.

3) Change – Pointing fingers is easier
than to humble yourself and be the first to change. If your partner has been trying, give him/her time. Suggest people that will help him/her or professional help.

4) Did you try getting help from God?

5) Blindness If your partner doesn’t see they have to change, make sure that you’ve done your part.

6) After trying a LONG TIME After consistently and long enough to show your partner your change is true, if they keep showing no interest then you can ask yourself if you are going to keep fighting.

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