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First fire, then rain!1 min read

Hands on fire

Change has an order:

First, FIRE(the restoration of the Presence of God).

And then, RAIN(the solution to the physical problem).

Everyone considered Israel’s big problems to be the drought, the lack of rain, their financial failure, which punished the people for three and a half years.

But in reality, the financial failure was determined by their spiritual failure, because the people were divided between the Living God and Baal, when we know that it is impossible to serve two masters.

For this reason, after sacrificing to the Living God, Elijah did not cry out for rain first, but for Fire, which is the reference of the Presence of God, and what was really lacking for the people of Israel. Everything else would be a consequence, including the rain, this is, the solution of the external problem!

So don’t insist on pushing yourself out of a hole out there when there’s a bigger hole inside you!

This is the purpose of this Campaign of Israel: bring the FIRE (God within you), then the RAIN!

God bless you abundantly!

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