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Can WORDS affect your life?3 min read

Can WORDS affect your life?3 min read

Words have the power to build a person or break them. Although words are not physically capable of hurting someone, they can affect the deepest of a person’s mind and soul and plague them for many years and even generations. Spoken words can carry in them an evil spirit: jealousy, envy, grudges, hatred, and the list goes on. This evil spirit, when installed in the person’s life, begins to bring into existence the hurtful words that were spoken to them.

A spoken curse can plage a person for many years and even generations. The victim of the curse then begins to notice in their lives a strange pattern of problems and situations that they cannot explain, and no matter how hard they try, they cannot seem to get out of those situations.

They become desperate when they see that after some time, these problems begin affecting their children also. Although many do not realize it, they are victims of a spoken curse. We will teach you how to break free from this evil that has been taking away your peace. In the same way that evil words have the ability to destroy, God’s word has the power to set free, transform and restore one’s life. At The Universal Church, strong prayers of faith are made on behalf of those eating from a curse, and detailed guidance is provided so that they may overcome this problem once and for all.

One must keep in mind that the problem is not the person that spoke the curse, but an evil spirit that used that mouth to fulfill its goal of destroying a life. The curse harms the person that speaks as well as the one that receives it. We will teach you how to turn this curse into a BLESSING! Fridays at 7 am, 10 am, 4 pm or 7:00 pm and Sundays at 9:30 am (Times may vary depending on the location). Feel free to call us for more information: 1-888-332-4141.

In the same way, evil words destroy, God’s Word set free and restores. See now Mrs. Bertha’s story, before and after coming to The Universal Church


• Her mother was cursed by a neighbor who wanted her father, so her mother sought protection in witch doctors.
•Bertha’s mother became an alcoholic, suffered from reoccurring paralysis, diabetes, and would blurt out curses upon her 15 children.
•Bertha’s became an alcoholic at the age of 13. She also sought help at witch doctors and suffered from diabetes, insomnia, depression and suicidal thoughts.
• Just as her mother did, she would beat her 4 children until they bled and blurt out curses upon their lives.

After Can WORDS affect your life?

• Bertha was invited by her sister to The Universal Church, and although she did not like it at first, she kept on coming.
• By doing her Chain of Prayer, today she is free from alcoholism, depression and suicidal thoughts, and she is no longer diabetic!
• She forgave the people who cursed and hurt her, and she reconciled with her children. Today she gives them love and blessed their lives.
• Today, she has the ultimate protection against all curses: God’s Spirit. She is happy and turned the ugly pages of the past to write a new story for herself and her children.

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