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Life Restoration1 min read

Life Restoration

Mount Carmel is where Elijah got down on his knees and prayed for rain, after three and a half years of drought, God heard his cry and water descended from heaven, bringing restoration to the whole nation.

Perhaps there has been something prolonged in your life or a situation that requires a complete restoration.

• You’ve excelled in college yet make minimum wage
• You have been a faithful husband/wife, only to find out about an affair
• Due to an addiction that started with stress, you’ve lost your family
• You are going through the same financial difficulties as your parents and grandparents.

Before making your petitions for Mount Carmel, look deep within you and analyze your relationship with God. Is your spiritual life also in need of restoration? If so, amend your relationship with Him first.

Whatever your petition may be, visit The Universal Church in your area and ask to join this special purpose. Your request will be sent to the Holy Place; Mount Carmel, where there will be a cry out on your behalf by Bishops and Pastors.

Visit or call The Universal Church in your area for more information.

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