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Curses into Blessings1 min read

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Hi, my name is Nisa and this is my testimony…

Before I knew about Universal Church my life was bad. In 2015 I started losing everything, my business, my house, and my finances were low. I became homeless with my 14-year-old daughter. We were sleeping in the car, waiting for everyone to leave my workplace so we can sleep there sometimes.

I suffered from stress, depression. anxiety, insomnia, heart pains, respiratory problems where I had to use an inhaler every day, I had to stay high even while working, I was drinking heavy alcohol every day, and I would even do cocaine.

 I went to 3 different mega churches in LA for 2 years and
still didn’t find the Holy Spirit.

Watch now Nisa’s full story on The Naked Truth with Bishop Bira Fonseca. 

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