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Are you cursed or blessed?1 min read

Are you cursed or blessed?1 min read

Many are those who say, “I am blessed”, “I am a Christian”, “I am born again”, etc. But when you take a closer look at their lives, the truth is revealed. There is no blessing, no success and not even an ounce of happiness. The person is miserable and absolutely destroyed.

What you say has to match with your life. What you profess needs to line up with your reality. If I look at your life and I can not see the fruit of a Christian life, if there is no happiness, if there is no prosperity, no peace, no complete family, then the reality is that there is a curse, not a blessing there. Even Jesus Himself said, “Every tree is known by it’s own fruit” Luke 6:44.

The tree is not known by its title, nor by its position, it’s known by its fruit. Your life is not known by what you call yourself or your title or position inside the church or society, but it is known by the fruit (results).

The good news for you is, if you are living a cursed life right now, it can change. You have a choice now to change that curse into a blessing. This coming Sunday in every Universal Church we will be praying to break the curses and turn them into a blessing. Join us for this special event in one of our churches, and watch God bless you more and more. In fact, you will become the blessing!

May the God of the Bible Bless You

Bishop Bira Fonseca

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