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A Showdown of Faith in Florida1 min read

A Showdown of Faith in Florida1 min read

A special announcement for you who live in Florida!

From August 8th – August 10, there will be a Showdown of Faith in your city with Bishop Bira Fonseca. A Showdown of Faith will be a great way to start your 21-Day Fast of Daniel.

August 8th
Phichol Williams Community Center
951 SW 4th St, Homestead, FL 33030

August 9th (Spanish Church)
4021 W Hillsborough Ave,
Tampa, FL 33614

August 10th
Jacksonville Marriott
4670 Salisbury Road Jacksonville,
FL 32256

Stay connected to the Showdown of Faith Facebook page for more information on any upcoming tours.

Do you want the Showdown of Faith to come to your city? If so, register here.

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