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Showdown of Faith in Tampa, Florida2 min read

Showdown of Faith in Tampa

Friday the 13th is a day that leaves most in chills. Afraid of the consequences of “bad luck” some people do not go to work, do not ride elevators, do not drive etc. However, on this day a blessing came to those who live in the Tampa, Florida; the Showdown of Faith is program has touched many lives throughout the United States with prayers for healing, deliverance and a powerful word of faith every morning.

Bishop started the Showdown in Universal Church Tampa with a prayer and a message to open the minds of those who were at the meeting in order to awaken their faith. He explained that every problem has a beginning. For instance, a fruit – it does not just appear by itself there is a tree which it comes from. No one eats a fruit thinking about the tree it came from but it has an origin. It is the same case with problems. Problems have a root, a tree which it stems from. When we see bad things in our life there is a bad root to that situation.

The bad root is an evil spirit trying to destroy our faith and our lives. When that evil is removed from our lives we can then see a different fruit, fruits of happiness and peace in our lives. It is not a matter of it being Friday the 13th, which causes suffering in life. It is a matter of having an evil spirit planting a bad tree. Bishop, then made a strong prayer of faith, praying against and to remove all evil spirits.

After this prayer, many immediately felt a relief and Bishop assured many that they will see the fruits of this prayer in their lives. After the prayer of spiritual deliverance, Bishop Bira stressed that the key to a happy and complete life is to depend on God. To depend on God is to have your mind connected to Him. We do not need to go through someone in order to reach God. When we depend on God we will have independence in life. After, Bishop prayed with everyone seeking to have the Spirit of God in their lives.

Those who left this meeting in Universal Church Tampa can all testify as to the difference they felt within. Tampa residents were ecstatic to have the Showdown of Faith come to their community – and looking forward to to the next Showdown of Faith in August.

Save the Date – Showdown of Faith Tour in Florida
August 8th – Homestead
August 9th – Tampa
August 10th – Jacksonville

Stay connected to the Showdown of Faith Facebook page for more information on the upcoming tours.

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