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Protest and Prayer1 min read

Protest and Prayer

In just 2018 there have been many school shootings and after the shooting in Parkland, Florida, the youth decided to take action and advocate against gun control laws. Recently many schools in all 50 states participated in a walkout to protest against gun violence. Although many schools participated there was one in particular that decided to take a different approach.

According to NY Times, it was a rural community of Potosi, Wis., they decided to hold an assembly and go over safety measures and values about being kind to one another. While the assembly was taking place only one female student decided to walk out. However, according to her principal, she appeared to be praying.

YPG program

YPG program

At The Universal Church, the YPG is constantly reaching out to the community, and they took another approach by bringing awareness to change things from within the school itself. They believe that the mindset of young people needs to be changed and that if biblical values are learned, then the rate of crime and violence in schools will dramatically fall.

Many YPG members have changed their lifestyle of gangs, violence, guns, drugs etc., and because of their transformation, they can only imagine how the lives of others will be if Bibles were brought back into schools.

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