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A dark past didn’t stop me2 min read

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My life was a complete mess even before I went to prison. I had addictions and a lifestyle that controlled my life.

I was addicted to cigarettes for about 20 years of my life and marijuana and alcohol for about 15 years.

I used to take around 7 ecstasy pills at once but God prevented me from dying.  Some people died from taking only one pill.  I was sent to prison and stayed for almost seven years.

At around 18 years old I opened the doors for a life of crime to the point that I started stripping for money on strip clubs. I didn’t value my body instead, I used it as a way to have money. However, even though I made a lot of money I was never able to keep anything, I would spend everything within 48 hours.

TattooWhen I was released from prison and I got home but my mind, my heart and my body were still in prison. I suffered from depression after breaking up with my ex-boyfriend. That’s when I stopped drinking but started to smoke marijuana.

I use to escape from depression. My body depended on it, I couldn’t do anything without being under the influence.

One night I couldn’t sleep and I saw the ‘Showdown of Faith’ on BET, I felt like the Bishop was talking to me when he was talking about depression and not being free I got up and pray with him. and I saw the Showdown of Faith on BET.

The dark past of crimes and drugs couldn’t stop me from a bright future

After attending the church and learning how to use my faith, I was completely free from cigarettes, depression and the drugs within one and a half weeks. I’m no longer trapped in my mind. I wake up every day with a sense of peace instead of agony in my mind. I feel very peaceful. I don’t have to depend on drugs to be happy.

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