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2nd Day of the Fast of Daniel1 min read

Man and sea


It does not work to be religious.

It does not work to be an active member of the church.

It does not help to have the title of assistant, pastor, bishop or whatever.

It does not work to be a tenacious and faithful offering.

It is not good to be a dutiful person.

It does not work to praise God.

It does not help to know the Bible well.

It does not help to be well married.

It does not work to have a higher education, being a graduate, successful, rich and have the world at your feet.

Nothing works, if it is not born of the Spirit of God.

Only He alone can generate spiritual nature. That is the Divine nature.

Satan is a spirit.

How do you overcome it, is he not also spirit?

How do you overcome the evil spirit, if it is not a good spirit?

How to overcome the spirit of darkness, if it is not a spirit of light?

Only those born of God overcome the world and hell.

Therefore, in this 21 Day Fast of Daniel, we are doing a true spiritual cleansing. A fasting of all and any secular information: TV, internet, newspapers, magazines, radio, in short, everything that is not of God.

An audiovisual abstinence from all the garbage of this world.

During the fast, the Spirit of the Lord will descend upon all sincere participants. (Source)

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