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The other day I saw the character “Barbara” (Played by Aline Borges) in the soap opera “Apocalypse” talk about how she got tired of dating, going out with the guy, and afterward having to wait 2 years in order to marry, finally have a family and be a mother. Unfortunately, this tiredness of Barbara has become widespread.

People are getting tired of loving not because love is tiring, but because they never learned to love or be loved. And every time they try a new relationship, they wear out, until they reach the boiling point, preferring to live alone for the rest of their lives by quoting, “It’s better to be alone than with bad company…” well, what if you have been your worst company?

Wouldn’t this be Barbara’s case? Let’s analyze what she wants: to have a child without giving it a father. Is this child going to fill this loneliness inside her later on? And worse, does it want to come into the world without a father? Ask any person in this world if they would’ve chosen to grow up without a father (or mother) and you’ll know the answer!

The problem with Barbara and the many Barbara’s out there is that they didn’t learn how to restart their love lives. They made a lot of mistakes in the past and instead of learning how to not make any more mistakes, they keep complaining about everything and everyone, raising flags that only work to fake a well-being before others.

Participate in the Love Therapy, stop avoiding the subject, until when are you going to keep hiding behind your failure?

Do not say, “Why were the former days better than these?” For you do not inquire wisely concerning this. (Ecclesiastes 7.10)

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