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a New Mindset for 20181 min read

a New Mindset for 20181 min read

Lots of people practice different rituals every December 31st, at exactly 11:59 pm in order to welcome the New Year. For example: Moving a bag of luggage, in and out of the home to bring many travels for the new year, or lighting a colored candle that is believed to “heal” them or give them prosperity.

Whether it is all games or not, there is always a small part of the person that hopes this ritual will indeed become true.

Now, there is a proven way to make 2018 your best year so far; partnership with God. God has always guided his servants to unprecedented achievements. He keeps His best for those who dare to follow Him. Among them is David, the shepherd-boy that became the king of Israel and Ruth, who found love and a faithful husband despite her poor odds.

On New Years Eve 2017, all the congregants, Bishops and Pastors from The Universal Church, came together to break into 2018 in partnership with God and with a renewed mindset. We set off with clear goals and ready to do what’s needed to make them happen.

So, get your priorities right. Establish a partnership with God, set clear goals and do what’s gotta be done!
We invite you to start a Chain of Prayer; it’s a great way to gain momentum, conquer stubborn obstacles and achieve your goals.

*To start a Chain of Prayer, first take a look at our schedule of services and read the brief description for each day. Find the ones that best apply to you and come uninterruptedly for 7 weeks. For more information, feel free to contact us.


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