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Family blessings1 min read

Family blessings1 min read

Family blessingsFamily blessings

Some of us have a great picture of what a family should be. There is no perfect family, and it’s understandable that problems arise. However, you have powerful tools that can help you during times of conflict. Many families are under attack, whether it’s by influences, mistakes that seem unforgivable, marriages falling apart and much more.

What is the problem that has been causing a strain in your family? Is it Addiction, Debt, Unemployment, Betrayal, Sickness or maybe Depression?

If you have been facing problems in your family and praying for your situation to change, don’t give up, maybe all you need is to strengthen your request. Below are two powerful tools that can help you in addition to your prayers.

1) Fasting
In biblical times, great miracles were manifested as a result of prayer and fasting. You can do this by denying yourself from something you find pleasure in for a specific purpose.

2) Making a vow
God cannot resist your vow. When you make a promise to God, it shows that you are determined and nothing can get in the way of the promise between you and him.

Just as Hannah was tired of being taunted for not conceiving a child, she too made a vow and was blessed.

There is nothing more powerful than to use your faith with actions. If you’d like, you can even bring a picture of the family member you would like to focus on. It can be something between you and God. Go in your faith this Sunday, and use these tools to make your purpose even stronger.

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