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Who is pulling your strings?1 min read

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Who is pulling your strings?Many youth make decisions thinking they are “free” and in control of their lives when in reality someone else is pulling the strings.

“Who is pulling your strings?”

The YPG held a worldwide ‘Don’t Be a Puppet’ event. All groups across the US made this event unique in their own way, but with one purpose in mind; to spread a message to young adults that they do have the opportunity to decide who they want to be and where their lives should be.

This unforgettable event had plenty of performances by the YPG and contests for all guests. Whether the competition was singing or dancing, everyone had a chance to participate. Food and drinks were provided at the event and many teens entered the $100 gift card raffle!

Are you making the decisions or is someone else pulling your strings?

Who is pulling your strings?

Most of the decisions we make are influence by our surroundings. Whether it’s social media, music, or bad company. There is a study that shows that the more social media we use, the more unhappy we seem to become.

This is what took place at the ‘Don’t be a Puppet’ event…

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