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Depression, asthma and addictions2 min read

Depression, asthma and addictionsBefore I came to the church my life was miserable. I was depressed which made me needy for lots of friends and relationships. I was addicted to marijuana and alcohol which I would smoke every day and drink almost every day. I was diagnosed with strep throat because asthma combined with smoking marijuana in cold weather caused me to have a respiratory infection for the past 4 years of my life.

I grew up in a domestic violence environment so I grew up disrespecting my parents, bullying family and friends nobody wanted to be around me. I suffered from lots of negative thoughts because I wouldn’t communicate with others.

I could not sleep without smoking marijuana if I didn’t smoke I would be awake until 7 o’ clock in the morning. When I was invited to the church I was enrolled, I came to school for a year but I was still suffering, doing the same things.

On a Saturday, a friend of mine messaged me and asked me if I wanted to come to the church, I said, yes, because I believed I should try it and if I didn’t like I could leave. After that day I joined the YPG, began doing the chains of prayer, coming on Fridays for my Deliverance, and attending church as much as I could manage.

Today I’m free from Asthma, the addictions, depression, I’m no longer in any relationship because I trust God will bring my man of God in time. I’m doing better in school and soon will receive my high school diploma. I even have a good job. People in my family see the changes and love the new me.
I’m much happier after I surrendered to God because I know there’s much more for me!

Depression, asthma and addictionsIf you would like to know more information about our Youth Power Group (YPG) please contact your nearest UCKG.

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