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Father risks daughter’s life1 min read

Father risks daughter’s life1 min read

Father risks daughter's life

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Media outrage is the reaction of the public when the Russian Roman Afanasyev
put his young child into danger.

He is known to post photos of his youngest baby in extremely dangerous positions and claims he is raising his daughter to ‘fear nothing’-like him – and that was part of the “training”.

The action of the father was indisputably wrong. However, let’s suppose that he had everything under “control”. There are many situations that could have gone wrong besides the act itself. Maybe nothing happened to the baby, however, by putting this online, this idea was planted already into many.

Evil works to take part in all areas of everyone’s life, and if it knows it can touch many people at the same time (Social Media) even better. It’s not unusual the lengths people will go to try and get validation for their “strength”, beauty, and so on.

We can go into detail and explain why all the excuses he gave were wrong, but the main focus is this act didn’t surprise many who read the bible and are attentive to the signs. Let’s bear in mind the following verse:

“And the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father to the son: and the children shall rise up against the fathers, and cause them to die.” Mark 13.12

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