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Dont’t be a puppet1 min read

Dont’t be a puppet1 min read

Dont't be a puppetDON’T BE A PUPPET

The Youth Power Group is on Fire! On Saturday, September the 30th The YPG will have a worldwide DON’T BE A PUPPET event.


Is it anger, money, relationships, drugs, emotions, or bad company?

You want to stop but it get’s the best out of you. It constantly taking your will, self-esteem, and much more, yet you keep going back. Every time you feel stressed it seems it’s the only way to solve the problem. First, you justify your behavior, then afterward the accusation takes place and even start to hate yourself.

Let’s turn the tables around and instead of destroying yourself, destroy the problem. On this day you will come determined that all strings that have been pulling you back from your freedom will be cut off once and for all. No one wants to be a puppet, or stay trapped in a cycle.

Being strung up isn’t fun and being strung up by those who you love is even worse! – YPG | New York

*Time varies depending on location. Feel free to contact us or visit The Universal Church nearest you for more information.

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