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Depressed, cursed and hopeless1 min read

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I was a victim of spoken curses: my brothers, cousins, uncles and other family members would tell me that I was nothing, I would never be anything, that nobody likes me and that I was ugly.



The words they said, started to become true. People at school would dislike me for no reason, they picked on me, called me ugly and wouldn’t want to be around me – for no reason!

I was left alone, and this affected me a lot. I was very sad and had a low self-esteem.

This led to depression, I was emotionally distressed and my life was a wreck. Almost all the males on my dad’s side of the family had rage. They would take it out on the women they were dating or would throw things around. My dad took it out on my mom, beating her and putting a gun to her head. I even got beaten by him as well. This rage also passed on to me, I too hit anything I saw and flipped over tables.

Asthma is also something that ran through my family. I got a flyer invitation to the Universal Church and in a fit of rage, I told God to either help me or I would end up taking my own life.

After getting help from the church, I am free from asthma, depression, and rage. I have the peace of God inside of me. I no longer have any curses – all negativity has gone away and does not affect me anymore.  Sanchez

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