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The Nail Biter2 min read

The Nail Biter2 min read

The Nail Biter

Nail biting! How can you get rid of this habit?

Some of you might think this is minor. However, it becomes an issue if it interferes with almost everything you do. If you only had a cent for every time you bit your nail, you would be a millionaire by now!
How can someone say they are practicing self-control, yet there is one little habit that they cannot manage to control.

According to, this is not only a stress-relieving habit but one can also bite their nails when they are excited, bored, or just by being inactive. Yes, it’s a really nasty habit if we get into all the details about germs, or how it affects the tooth enamel.

Okay, I get it, It’s a “Nasty habit”, What do I do?

Before you read the following tips, one thing for sure is that you can break this habit. Now, if you have insisted that this change is not possible, then, unfortunately, it won’t. In your mind, you have already determined it will not change. However, what you can do is replace your habit.

Outsmart your habit and identify what is really bothering you, or are sick of falling for.

1) Identify all of your enablers

2) Write down all your triggers

3) Adopt a new habit.

These are a just few example of habits to adopt:

* Keep your hands busy; by eating a healthy crunchy snack or keep a small ball of silly putty nearby.

* Having a visual reminder of your goal (a ring or a simple bracelet)

The Nail Biter

* Maintain healthy habits: Yoga, meditate, walk, (if biting is triggered by anxiety)

* Chew gum

* Get a manicure (If it’s within your budget)

* Cut your nails

* Shape and file your nails

* Polish your nails or use a nail growth polish with a bitter top coat

* Apply temporary nails

Take the challenge and beat that annoying habit that you’ve been having for as long as you can remember.

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