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An acquired curse1 min read


Sad manAn acquired curse is an evil spirit that can manifest in your life without you being aware.

In fact, in many countries, it is practiced so often that you might come across them in certain street areas. Once a place is cursed, and if another person stays in that area, they too can be prone to get whatever evil spirit that was there the night before.

There are many signs that can tell you if indeed you have acquired a curse. Regardless of the country or place you decide to make a new life, it tends to follow you. You assume it’s life and that it’s Normaland compare your problems with others that are worse than yourself.

Whether you are repeatedly failing in your relationships, working hard and never have money, feel depressed, addicted, have no peace in your marriage or family or just never accomplish anything, there are ways one can break this cycle. Regardless of what you might think, this is not what we’re made for.

This is not normal, and you can fight it.

5 types of acquired cursesBelow you will find 5 types of acquired curses:

Food: Eating cursed foods or drinking liquids offered to the spirits.

Spells: Getting involved directly or indirectly with witchcraft and spells.

Incense: If someone uses certain oils, incense, and perfumes.

Step: Stepping on places where evil spirits wait for someone to enter their life.

Objects: Touching or owning objects that were offered to the spirits.

If your life is full of unfortunate events such as; Family turmoil, multiple failed relationships, or constantly failing in everything you set your mind to then join us this Friday, for spiritual deliverance.


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