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“We wanted to get a divorce”1 min read

“We wanted to get a divorce”1 min read


My father was unfaithful to my mother, my brother was unfaithful to his wife and all his previous relationships, and my grandmother was married 7 times.

I too was unfaithful in all my previous relationships and to my husband. I had a lot of hatred inside of me.

I met my current husband, and we got married. At first, I thought that our marriage was great. We were always together until reality struck us and I had to go to school and work. That’s when we had children.

My husband was there, but it was like he was not. I still felt the need to talk to other guys, to be unfaithful. It got to a point where we wanted to get a divorce. By coming to the Love School and getting the continuous help I needed, I was able to restore my marriage completely.

Today, we are faithful to each other and happy.”

Testimony of Kristine and Gene from Texas

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