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All the CURSES are TURNED into BLESSINGS.1 min read

All the CURSES are TURNED into BLESSINGS.1 min read

Curses turned into blessingsI had a lot of hate inside of me towards my mother.

I felt rejected and that she didn’t love me. She gave me up for adoption when I was very young.

I had a little brother at that time,  I used to take care of him like I was his mother.

I was very rebellious, I started drinking at a very young age just trying to feel that emptiness.

When  I left my house at 16 years old, I was with the father of my children. he was a gang member and it was a different kind of suffering. he was unfaithful to me and used to sell drugs. he was murdered and died in my arms.

When my son caught me with the pills in my hands, that was the hardest moment in my life and I said: “this is it ! “.

I went to the church and I felt the difference when I left there. I started seeing things falling into place. Where there was hopeless before, now, there is hope.

-Testimony of Rose Chavez

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