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Assistants Universal

“Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15)

The Universal Church counts with people who work voluntarily for God, practicing and taking His Word to those in need even in the midst of difficulties. Wherever the work of the church reaches, there the Assistants will be dedicating their lives to this commandment: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” The Assistants of The Universal Church are volunteers who are filled with the Holy Spirit, are carefully chosen and have proven character. They have decided to dedicate their time to serving the Lord Jesus Christ voluntarily.

According to Bishop Carlos Da Costa, who cares for the spiritual well-being of the Assistants in the USA, “The Assistants are the heroes of The Universal Church. They are men and women who are always willing to go the extra mile. They carry within them the Most High’s seal: the Holy Spirit. They are considered by this society as nothing, but to God, they are real warriors, who are ready to face any battle to save a soul. For these heroes of faith, there is no barrier; they are always ready, and when called to perform God’s will, they always say: ‘Here I am.'”

We live in a world filled with problems and with people in need of counseling and a helping hand; the Assistants have the capacity to offer this spiritual help. They visit orphanages, hospitals, and nursing homes. They also take a word of faith to those who live in far away places from the church. They offer a listening ear to those who need counseling. As the Lord Jesus taught us, the group of Assistants realizes an important work in helping people with their dedication, faith, love, and discretion.

Bishop Carlos prays this blessing for all servants of God: “I bless all who have fully dedicated their lives to save souls and grow the Work of God not only in this country but also in the whole world. May the Holy Spirit strengthen them each day and give them wisdom and courage to obey God’s word and put it into practice for them to keep their salvation.”

“How much is your salary?”


“I am an Assistant, serving God in the Courts of His House for the past 17 years. Serving as an Assistant is the central part of my life; it means to assist the people in every way. I do it with great pleasure, knowing that my efforts, guided by the Holy Spirit, work to save souls, to save this person. It’s a spiritual sacrifice being an Assistant because I also have my daily life. However, I always make time to do everything. I am continually thoughtful and attentive to God’s Word and guidance; so in this way, I have a balance of how to accomplish my tasks and more so my duties as a servant of God. Someone may say, ‘Why do you do this? How much is your salary?’ I answer, ‘Because one day, someone did this for me. My salary is to see this woman, this man, this youth coming to The Universal Church, being set free from all evil and being baptized. In other words, going through the spiritual process of Salvation and serving God in spirit and truth. That is my joy, my happiness… my salary. I was called to serve, and I will always strive to do it with all diligence. Thank God!'” Mrs. Yvonne from New York

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