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After her father’s death, her life spiraled downwards2 min read

After her father’s death, her life spiraled downwards2 min read

When my father passed away in my early 20’s, everything changed for me. I started having lots of nightmares with demons, and I used to see things chasing me. The death of my father caused me to be very depressed. I dropped out of school, I had a lot of family problems, my mother and I were fighting all the time. Also, I would fight with my sister a lot.

I would always be on the streets, never at home, living a completely different way of life. I started hanging on the streets with people that were not good for me, and I also started using lots of drugs. I dated many drug dealers. I saw myself losing so much: I was losing money, I was broke all the time. I lost my job in a bad way.

My breaking point came when I got robbed in front of my house. After that, everything exploded, and my family turned their backs on me. It was a very emotional time for me because I felt very vulnerable for the fact that I had just got robbed in front of my house and my family was not there for me. So, I literally had no one. I ran away from home; I was sleeping in my car.

I started a relationship with a man that was terrible for me. I couldn’t even recognize myself. I was drinking, smoking, hanging out with someone who was not good for me. I couldn’t visualize my future anymore; I used to have a vision for my future, but going down that path, I lost this vision.

eunice2A good friend of mine asked me to go to the church with her, and I accepted. I felt God calling me. It was completely different from any church that I had ever been to. It was very empowering the messages; the pastors teach you how to take control of your life. I first started to see changes in my family, everything changed, and my family saw that I was changing. I gained so much strength after I started attending services at The Universal Church.

They were having the Campaign of Israel in the church. I didn’t understand much about it, but what I heard encouraged me to participate. In one week, I started seeing the results.

I’m so much happier than I’ve ever been because I see the manifestation of my faith in my life. By going to the church, I learned how to forgive and make peace with my past. I know that better things are coming on my way.

Testimony of Eunice from New York

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