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Nine tips to identify or create opportunities1 min read

Nine tips to identify or create opportunities1 min read


When you do what no one else is doing, you become a fountain of opportunities. Remember David from the Bible? When no one wanted to fight the giant Goliath, David stood out because he offered to fight. His decision made a difference. Making the right decision is even more important than to be in the right place at the right time.

Here are nine tips to identify and also create opportunities:

1.  Speak – Learn how to express your thoughts in a constructive way. Do not report problems, but solutions.

2.  Listen – Learning how to listen is essential. To listen is even more important than speaking. Try to understand the point of view of others.

3.  Do not stop – Even if you are comfortable in the situation that you are in, if you want to be open to new opportunities, then do not stop moving forward.

4.  Recognize your mistakes and work to correct them – You can only change yourself not others.

5.  Do not complain – Complaining is one of the biggest repellents of opportunities.

6.  Look at the positive side of people – Everyone has a good side. To think badly about a person will not make them change for the better, it will turn you into a bitter person.

7.  Look at the positive side of situations –  There are opportunities in every adversity.

8.  Be curious – Develop an investigative way of being. Find out how things work.

9.  Keep a good character – Your character is your best investment. Be a person of your words.

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