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The cost of addiction2 min read

The cost of addiction2 min read

Untitled-133Smoking is not the only addiction that empties out a person’s pocket. In fact, gamblers are at higher risk. A few years ago, one unlucky man, Tony Franklin, was left penniless after he lost $4,254 on a betting machine in under one hour.**Stories like these are not uncommon since people can place single bets of up to $121 on high-speed betting machines. These are only the financial costs of addiction, but there is much more at stake than money.

An individual’s personal life could soon suffer as a result of his or her addiction. Just like in Tony’s case, many people often use their family savings to secretly feed their addictions secretly. This selfishness can lead to arguments between the sufferer and their spouse, and a lack of respect shown by other members of the family. The problems do not stop there either; they follow an addict everywhere they go. Sometimes, those who abuse alcohol and drugs fail to perform well at work, often allowing their appearance and hygiene levels to drop too. This is how addiction can cost someone their job.

What about one’s state of mind? Other behavioral addictions, such as addiction to pornography, can repeatedly take over a person’s mind — making them seek it at unusual, inappropriate times. An article from ProjectKnow***explains that the symptoms of porn addiction include watching porn at work, prioritizing it over other commitments, and setting time out of your day-to-day life to watch it. In short, an addiction to pornography can cost you your time and affect your way of thinking. At The Last Hit meetings, we know, from numerous encounters with people, the type of harm that people are exposed to due to their addictions. For that reason, we are ready to help them every step of the way to break free. We have come across sufferers who, as a result of their addiction, have had their lives damaged. Some were recommended by worried family members, others attended the meeting having tried every other treatment possible and some decided to come after hearing one word from other addicts — “I have quit.” One characteristic that all of these people had was the determination to leave their addiction behind for good. That is how they did it.

If you have this determination also, and you are tired of losing money, friends, relationships and self-respect, then join the Last Hit meetings now. They take place at 3pm every Sunday, find an address near you or contact us for more information.




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