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Can’t U see?3 min read


Poem by Anthony

Check out the song can’t u see and strengthen your faith

Uncleanness, lewdness, idolatry, and hatred,
Contentions, wrath, and selfish ambitions
Dissensions and heresies that was me.
Dumb, deaf, lost, confused, blind, can’t you see?
This world had a lot of negative words to define me.
If you had looked into these eyes
darker than your night’s sky,
you would be in for a surprise.

Beyond this pretty face of mine, you would find
ignorance, violence lust, and lies in disguise.
But most of all the emptiness left me without a soul,
how could I have survived?

Narrowly avoiding death
trying to find life,
God was always showing the way
but I lost sight,
instead, I found myself doing wrong when I’m trying to do right,
searching in all the wrong places for the light,
fighting a losing fight.

Then I thought I found pleasure in pornography,
that was when I lost my humanity.
Goodbye value, self-respect, self-control, and dignity.
Goodbye purity, reason, and honesty.
Hello to losing any ounce of the good left within me.

I Thank you, Dad! Now all I have left for you is hate!
Now I’m trapped in this prison called addiction
and it seemed like there was no escape.

But one day, and oh what a day I heard my mother say
“Anthony, Kellin, today is the day!
We are going to church today.”
“Church!?” Me and my brother dumbfounded,
already feeling like we are going to be led astray
but eh, we go anyway.

But when we got there all anger, sadness, and lust subsided,
it was there, I realized all along Jesus was trying to be my guide.
From that day on, I kept on going and it was a long ride,
then I met the YPG and believe me conversion took a long time.
Then the 21 days came, I thought it was just more strife.

“Man! I gotta give up my time on watching tv,
being on my PC and video games!? That ain’t right!”
Then Jesus came to me and said
“Anthony, you were lost trying to find the light,
fighting a losing fight,
found yourself doing wrong
when you were trying to do right.

Notice, you were only losing
because you were the master of your life,
and I ask from you only 21 days
and you complain that’s not right!
Besides, look at the gift I’m giving,
are you hard at hearing?
These 21 days will make you see things more vivid!
The wicked will ignore and at them I’m livid!
Can’t you see that this is all for The Holy Spirit!?”

Pow!! Hit me so hard I saw stars.
“Jesus…I didn’t know you hit this hard”.
Jesus responded, “What did you expect you took one from God.”
And then it came to me. “Wow thank you, Jesus, now I see!”.
Love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
gentleness, self-control soon that will be me!

Dumb, deaf, lost, confused, blind, can’t you see?
This world had a lot of negative words to define me!
I was a chained prisoner but now I’m free!
I used to be trouble and the devil tried to muzzle.
I was broken but God put me back together like a jigsaw puzzle.
Take it from me now is not the time to play,
time is passing away and we don’t have long anyway.
Change your life today and join me in these 21 days.

original poem by Anthony 

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