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UCAN Tour 2017 – Miami2 min read

Ucan Tour Miami

This time it was Florida’s turn to receive the blessings and miracles through the power of God in the UCAN Tour event which has been known throughout the country for four consecutive years. Those who have been attending the event using their faith has been blessed, healed and set free from their burdens physically, spiritually and emotionally.

The UCAN in Florida, called American Faith Day, had a mixture of cultures between American and Haitians that reside in the United States. More than 2000 people attended the UCAN Tour event 2017 at the Little Haiti Soccer Park. The event counted with the presence of the popular singing group the Deronette Family. Some people traveled from thousands of miles including from New York and Georgia just to take part of this great day.

The goal of the event was to show that everyone CAN achieve their dreams regardless nationality, conditions and the size of it. The power of achieving is in the mind and in the intention of the each individual. On this great day turned out with one motive to receive the power to “Yes I can”. The message given from the Holy Spirit by Bishop Bira was simple: “true peace only comes from God Himself through the Holy Spirit.” Many people search for peace in different places believing they will find inner peace. Some people go to church A, B and C others listen to music, and even go as far as taking drugs to fill this longing. However, the true peace we need will only come from the Spirit of God.

When we give our lives to God, He fills us with His Spirit and no matter the hardship we go through we will have peace. After, giving this message Bishop Bira invited those who wanted the Spirit of God to come forward and surrender their lives to God, letting go of all that has kept them far from receiving this peace and held them back from saying “Yes I Can”.

See pictures of the event down below:

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