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What are the roles of media & internet in your home?2 min read

What are the roles of media & internet in your home?2 min read

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 3.08.33 PMA survey of 2,000 British couples found that one out of seven couples considered divorcing their partner due to the way they used social networking sites such as Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, Twitter or What’sApp. (Source: Slater Gordon)

Children wake up and the first thing they do is to play games on their cell phones or turn on the TV. Parents are in a rush to get things together and take their kids to the school bus and head to work. The child has a tablet to play games, and the conversation is kept to a minimum; after all, we are all busy and in a rush.

A wife checks her husband’s Facebook feed just to realize that he added an ex as his friend about two weeks ago, and has liked and made suggestive comments to some of her pictures. He did not mention anything to her, and the mistrust between them turns into harsh arguments. His past comes back to haunt their relationship via online.

In another home is a confused teen. Music is her life; it expresses all that she feels and gives her the advice she craves. Youtube, TV reality shows, celebrities and popular magazines, all that she needs to know about life she gets it from them. She hasn’t, however, found out how to break the news to her parents about her pregnancy. They are never around, and when they are, all they do is argue. Unlike the celebrities, being a single mother for her is not going to be popular news, instead, it will delay all her dreams.

These scenarios are just a drop in the bucket compared to the innumerous ways media and the internet have influenced families. TV, music, online channels, social networks have taken the place of the family dinner, parent and child conversation and advice, and the trust and transparency in the marriage. Media and the internet are not the sources of all family problems, however, its misuse has allowed it to take the place of the parent, the friend, the teacher, the counselor, and of the respect in the marriage. How many couples have to deal with online pornography in their relationship? How many children had their innocence troubled and their safety threatened because of online predators and indecent TV shows, music and online videos?

Up to what extent do media and internet influence your home? It is up to you to seek help and fight for the protection of your family. Join us on Thursday at 7 pm for the Love Therapy for couples and singles and on Sunday at 10 am to pray for your family. A family that prays together stays together.

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