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Make time for them2 min read

Make time for them2 min read

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 2.58.28 PMNowadays, children have the entire world inside of their home. They have access to information that you cannot even imagine, and you end up finding out through the change in their behavior.

Many times, when trying to please their children, parents end up opening the doors to harmful behaviors in their lives. Many parents thought they were providing something good for their children, such as gadgets, computers, cell phones or trips, just to realize that those things worked against them at the end. The best thing you can provide for your child is to have quality conversations with them. Place a limit on the use of gadgets, TV, and the internet for your child and also for yourself; do not allow these things to substitute what you have to offer to your child.

Having quality time with your children means to look at them and ask, “How was your day?” This conversation should NOT be to make demands and complaints but to listen to them. Don’t believe when they say, “I hate you, I don’t want to talk to you!” Don’t become scared or desperate, and don’t stop. You are not wrong but are doing what is good for them. Your children need someone like you to help them. There are lots of people ready to influence them to harmful things. Someone in this child’s life has to be courageous enough to say, “I will help my child even if they hate me for this.” Although you feel unnoticed by them, that’s not true. They will carry what you say and do for the rest of their lives even into their future families.

Many parents because of their work schedule feel bad because they hardly have time for their kids. When they are together, they can’t manage to discipline them or say no because of that guilt they feel.

With the little time you have, you can make it work; be present even if through messages and a phone call. When with them, give them attention and don’t shut them off when they want to speak with you.

What inhibits a human being from expressing himself is the fear of being ridiculed, is to think that no one will listen to him or that what he will say will receive no consideration or value from those to whom he’s speaking. The atmosphere in your home has to be of open communication. It CANNOT be that atmosphere where you are superior to everyone else, are the dictator, you know everything, have that arrogant look, and you speak to your children as if they are way beneath you. That’s NOT how it’s supposed to be.

It’s not too late, a decision to put this in practice today. Join us this Sunday at 10 am to pray for your children and to receive God’s guidance for your family.

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