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“Don’t use divorce as a threat”2 min read

“Don’t use divorce as a threat”2 min read

photo_2017-02-26_14-23-44 copyWe all know that healthy marriages are good not only for the couple but to the children as well. Children that grow up with both parents are less likely to suffer from mental, physical, educational and social problems. However, according to the American Psychological Association, 40 to 50 percent of marriages in the United States end up in divorce.

Acknowledging this matter, on Friday, February 24th, Renato and Cristiane Cardoso held The Love School event in Houston, Texas, to bless the relationship of those who were present. The couple has been counseling many couples all around the world, sharing their own experience of not knowing how to struggle together for the first twelve years of marriage.

The couple openly speaks about what they went through and even wrote books about how they overcame their differences and difficulties in their marriage, by using the intelligent faith. Today their marriage is transformed and because of that, they live to save the marriage of others and to help the single ones to have a great marriage in the future.

The aim for the single ones is: to be the right person, to attract the right person. In fact, there is no right person we are the one to make ourselves the right person when we let go of our old ways we are becoming this better person.

Over 440 people listened to the tips and teaching of Renato and Cristiane about the importance of rules in a relationship. They mentioned that many couples are using their feelings and not their heads when it comes to hard times between them or if one feels like they are not getting enough attention they explode and out of emotions and feelings say “I WANT
A DIVORCE!”. It even comes to them being careless and saying it around the kids which in return could possibly harm their childhood.

 Tips for a successful relationship:

  1. Don’t be mean
  2. Keep the past in the past;
  3. Don’t hide or lie;
  4. Keep the 2 golden rules;
  5. Never say the word divorce;
  6.  Don’t put anyone above me;
  7. Don’t go to bed angry.

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