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A strong mind1 min read

A strong mind1 min read

shutterstock_163212629People all over the world struggle with this part of the body: the mind. It’s like a machine you own that is out of control and is taking the lead in your life. You want to think positive, but your mind is simply resistant.

I’ve struggled with my thoughts in the past. One in particular really hit me hard, and when I think of it, I feel such a fool to have given in to it. Someone I aspired to be like had realized that she needed saving with regards to her spiritual life. I was shocked, firstly because she was and still is a woman full of grace, and secondly, if she needed help in this area, what about me?

At that time, I was young, and I was still learning how to be a good wife and a good servant of God. When I heard the news, I started to have doubts about my own spiritual life, thinking that I probably needed help, too.

I was a fulfilled woman who soon turned into a distressed woman. Then one day my mother explained a point to me. She helped me realize that I had been entangled in thoughts that did not make any sense. It was then that I started to question them. The funny and refreshing thing was that I had spent the whole month searching my heart and spiritual life before God, and I had found nothing that could even hint a problem. Yet I had doubts.

If we listen to the rubbish thoughts that come into our minds, we may lose our faith and sense of direction. I learned this the hard way. Now my thoughts do not control me. Instead, I question them. I use my intelligent faith.

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