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How fast will you get up?1 min read

How fast will you get up?1 min read

The fact that we’re going to fall repeatedly in our lifetimes is a certainty. It seems to be something that mankind specializes in. Slipping up at work, relationships, spirituality, finances, decisions, businesses, friendships, opinions, expectations—these rocks along the way are by no means uncommon.

But slipping or tripping is not the main problem. The biggest mistake many make is to fall and stay down, while continuing to wallow in self-pity. These people blame anything and anyone except themselves for their plights; they perpetuate the victim spirit. Many of those who have fallen are still down, although they could be back on their feet carrying on if they stopped looking back.

The question is, how fast will you get up? After you fall down, the only useful thing to do is get back up and move forwards, the difference being that this time you know how to avoid falling again.

Without a doubt, avoiding the fall is the best option. But if it happens, get up quickly and look forwards.

And don’t fall anymore.

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