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House vs. Home2 min read


HouseBut so many women don’t realize this. They see their home just as a place to sleep, eat and rest. Often they take poor care of their homes. When the subject comes up in a discussion they use the excuse: “I don’t have the time!”

Women from previous generations were much more conscious about their homes; early in life, they would prepare themselves to be good housewives. That’s why there is the expression: “queen of the house”. At home, a woman decides what lunch and dinner would be. She is the one that organizes everything in its place. She is the one who bought things and took the children to school.

For many women today, this special care for the home is seen as “misogyny”. But what’s the problem with taking care of your family, husband and his things? At this point, some readers may be thinking to themselves: “But I work outside, I don’t have time to take care of my house! Why is this expected only from women?” Men can help, but many will admit that women know how to take care of the home better!

For thousands of years that have been a woman’s greatest responsibility. That’s why females are detail-oriented, organizers, planners, decorators, and so on. You may even say: “I don’t have these abilities! I cannot cook, I hate ironing clothes…” The problem is that you, like many women nowadays, are allowing yourselves to be influenced by the idea that women taking care of a house are misogynistic. This doesn’t mean that you cannot work outside, study or pursue a career, but you have to understand that despite all this, you cannot stop being a “queen of our home”. Taking time to take care of your home is taking time for yourself! Wouldn’t it feel good to leave your room in the morning and take a look at your freshly made bed? Not to mention the joy of seeing your husband at home, taking a deep breath and saying: “Alone at last!”

Many women take pleasure in being different from their partner and vice versa. The differences between a couple are what completes them. The man takes care of the woman and the woman takes care of the man.

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