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The Fast of Daniel2 min read


For several months, people from different places and cultures have been waiting for the Fast of Daniel, which takes place at least 2 times a year. What has led them to anxiously wait for the Fast of Daniel? What do they receive during the 21 days? What some people receive in the 21 days does not compare to anything else anyone can offer. During the Fast of Daniel, the person is connected to the thoughts of God, and as a consequence, the person has the privilege of receiving Someone valuable and precious – the Holy Spirit. When a person is filled with the Holy Spirit, they have peace, joy, and strength to continue living. What they receive is not temporary but eternal. Have you ever imagined an eternal joy? What about going through difficult moments and not being overtaken by sadness? In the present days, few are those who have peace in their homes and who get to live a happy life. For this and many other reasons, many people will be participating in the Fast of Daniel. Those who feel empty inside will be filled with eternal happiness, and those who already have this happiness will receive even more.

Unlike the usual fasting from food and water, the main goal of the Fast of Daniel is to temporarily become “isolated from the secular world, and experience the living water of the Holy Spirit” – as explained by Bishop Macedo during his radio show. During the 21 days of the Fast of Daniel, participants refrain from entertainment, which in a way interferes with one’s spiritual life, in order to get closer to God’s thoughts. Unlike what it may seem, this kind of fasting from entertainment is not a burden, but instead, it is a unique experience of spiritual edification and purification. When refraining from the massive amount of information that we absorb every day and the worries associated with it, the person’s mind and spirit are purified, and the person is allowed freedom to think and become more sensitive to the voice of God. During this period of spiritual purification, participants stay away from social networks, news, TV series that are not Bible related, secular movies and any other kind of entertainment that can distract them from the main purpose of receiving the Spirit of God in their life.

We will do that during 21 days, beginning on February 9th. Every day we will post messages here on our website to help in your purpose to prioritize the Holy Spirit in your life. You can also listen to our 24-hour online radio which will also have daily messages and prayers to help you stay focused.

Thursday, February 9th at 10am at The Universal Church near you, come join us for the starting of the 21-day Fast of Daniel for the Holy Spirit.

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