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Your New Year can begin right now!2 min read

Your New Year can begin right now!2 min read

You do not have to wait until the first day of January to start a fresh new year; you can do that right now regardless of where you are and the situation you are in. The goal of the calendar is just to help us keep track of time, the days, but you can decide right now a new life and work towards it.

Perhaps, you are tired of facing the same situations year after year. You even conquered some things, but when you least expect it, you find yourself with the same problems of your siblings, parents, and grandparents. You end each year back in the same place or a worst situation.

In December, after Thanksgiving and Christmas are passed, one cannot help but to think even if briefly about what happened during that year. One remembers the promises made and resolutions to change and do many things. We can see the year passing before our eyes, and we are overwhelmed by the idea that the clock is ticking and time will not come back. How many opportunities did we let go? How much time did we dedicate to our spiritual life and family?

Perhaps you find yourself now in a jail cell, divorced, homeless, addicted, unemployed, alone. You made choices that brought so much pain and suffering. It could be that you were affected by someone else’s choices, and because you did not have God’s protection and guidance in your life, you did not know how to overcome those problems.

Nevertheless, you made it this far and ENOUGH of waiting to see what will happen. Do you want to see a clear difference in your life? Then it is time to do something different. Instead of preparing for the new year in the same way you have done for decades and come to the place where you will learn the steps to overcoming your problems and restoring your life and family.

Take time to analyze your 2016 and write down the situations you would like to overcome. Also, write down your goals for 2017. Bring these with you to The Universal Church on Saturday, December 31st at 10 pm. Invite your loved ones to come with you because a family that prays together stays together. In the vigil, you will receive strong prayer and guidance for your life.

Make a test. You only know something is worthwhile once you give it a chance. See the results in the lives of these families that choose to enter the New Year in God’s presence and decide for yourself if you will be the next.

Join us on Saturday, December 31st at 10 pm to let go of the old life and receive the new life God has for you. Begin 2017 receiving they key to achieving your dreams!

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