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Sacrifice saved my life1 min read

Sacrifice saved my life
James Vassoler

James Vassoler

I have always been a healthy person. But one day, I went to the hospital to do a simple procedure. I went home right afterward but ten days later, I began to feel sharp abdominal pain. When I went back to the hospital and the doctors ran a bunch of exams, they found that I had caught a bacterial infection. The infection was spreading so quickly that I had to be readmitted.

I would feel a lot of pain and each day that passed, and it got worse each day that went by. I was in the ICU and the doctors made it clear to my parents that my condition had become life threatening, I wasn’t breathing and had no heartbeat. There was no hope for me.

I didn’t accept the situation. There was this revolt inside of me. I thought of my parents and how they were suffering as well with what was happening with me. It was unbearable. I knew sacrifice was the only way to move the hands of God to change my situation. So I asked my mom and dad to get all the things and sell them: clothes, electronic devices, anything that could be sold. All I wanted was for the torment to end. I just wanted to live.

My parents did what I told them. They put everything on the altar. At that point I had slipped into a comma. That morning at 7am, my parents presented the sacrifice to God. By 10am that same day, I was awake and walking in the hospital. The infection completely cleared. I have no side effects, no more health problems. My health was completely restored. I sacrificed and God made the impossible happen!

James Vassoler

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