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A debt-free and abundant life in every aspect2 min read

A debt-free and abundant life in every aspect2 min read

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-4-44-51-pm-copyI had anger and used to yell at my kids until one day I came to The Universal Church. I heard the message, and it was as if the bishop was talking to me.

One evening, I came earlier and spoke to the bishop for guidance. He asked me, “What do you want for your life?” I said that I wanted to accomplish many things for my kids and me and to get out of stress. After speaking to the bishop, I went to the Altar of the church and said to God, “Lord, I don’t understand much, but the most that I can give You is what You gave me. I give You my soul; it is all I have.”

I was in a terrible financial situation. I couldn’t pay my mortgage, couldn’t buy food, and couldn’t pay for my car. The bank would threaten to take the vehicle from me, and later, they threatened to take the house. I had to negotiate to keep things going. I lived in a 2-bedroom house that was old, and the roof had leaks; my daughter would get wet in her bed. I managed to get it fixed, but when the first rain and snow storm hit, the leak started again.

I participated in the Campaign of Israel during the first time I came to the church. From that day, my life began to change. screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-4-45-01-pm-copyToday, I have a house with seven bedrooms, three floors, my new cars, and savings. I bought a new car dedicated to driving to church on Sundays so I can come to praise my God. I can get up in the morning and eat what I want because I can buy what I want. I can buy new clothes when I want.

I don’t have a mortgage, no car notes; I do not owe anybody. I am happily married. The most important thing for me is my Salvation; I placed my soul on the Altar, and I am keeping it there. My life will always be on God’s Altar.

Testimony of Angela from New York

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