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Holiday Season3 min read

Holiday Season3 min read

untitled-70Christmas signs are up in the streets, stores are announcing sales, and the days are flying by into the Holidays. During this time, families come together, and people look forward to the long-awaited break from a busy schedule.

On the flip side, the end of the year is also a painful time for many who have lost loved ones, who lost their jobs, who barely have enough to buy gifts to their children, who experienced a break up in a long-term relationship, and those who will face the cold weather without having a home to keep them warm. Unfortunately, this time of the year makes these differences the more noticeable and painful.

The emotions of the season can also serve as a trap for many families. Overspending and creating new accounts, making debts that will take many years to pay, placing families in a financial instability for the sake of following standards that do not add to the well-being of the family. Stores need to make money; after all, the holiday season is that time of the year that brings much revenue to them. There is nothing wrong with that. Nevertheless, families need to be aware of what adds to and what takes away from their joy and well- being.

So, how to face this season and make the most out of it regardless of your situation and struggles in life? Here are a few tips to help you with this holiday season:

• Leave the past behind and look forward. Learn from past mistakes, but do not dwell in them anymore.

• Seek counseling and inner healing from traumas and losses. At The Universal Church, we offer free counseling, a free inner healing course for women, and also many groups focused on helping you to overcome and live a fulfilled life.

• Forgive and let go. You will be doing yourself a favor. Don’t become a prisoner of someone else’s wrongdoing.

• Do you remember a family member or friend that added so much to your life, but you have not spoken to them? Call them, and pay them a visit.

• Give and be kind. You will be surprised that the more you give of yourself to God and others, the more you will receive.

• Prioritize your spiritual life and your family. Gifts and celebrations are temporary, but your soul is eternal. Take care of your soul. Connect with God and make Him the foundation of your family.

• Avoid spending what you do not have. Remember, there are more important things in life. Think about the long run and don’t be deceived by the emotions of the season. Much of it does not have anything to do with God or your happiness.

• Take this time that your busy schedule gives you a break, and analyze your year, how it has been, what could you do differently next year. Make goals.

• Take this time to rest your body and mind and enjoy your loved ones.

Remember, you are not alone, God has not left you, and He wants to help you. Come to the house of prayer and bring your problems, worries and pain to His Altar. He will take care of you. It’s a challenge! A family that prays together stays together. Visit a Universal Church near you and join us this Sunday at 10 am to pray for your family. For more information, call our national helpline now: 1-888-332- 4141.

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