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Second Anniversary of the Temple of Solomon3 min read

Temple of Solomon

Anniversary of the Temple of Solomon

It seems like it was only yesterday. The expectation with the completion of the construction of the Temple and the announcement of the opening date for which is the house of prayer for all people. It’s been two years since the doors were open and, during this time, more than 8 million people have passed through this Holy Place.

Sunday, July 31st was a day of celebrating this special day. Even on a cold and gray morning, thousands of people came from their homes to seek the presence of God. The start of the main service, to be held by Bishop Macedo, was approaching and people didn’t stop arriving. More than 9,000 people were present in this service that started with a prayer made by the bishop, asking on behalf of all those who one day was touched by God to help with the construction of the Temple.
Spiritual feastSpiritual feast

“Let us prepare for the feast, where the wine and bread will come from heaven,” said the Bishop about the time of the Word, a veritable spiritual feast.

“Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, That it cannot save; Nor His ear heavy, That it cannot hear.” Isaiah 59.1

“Religions talk about merit karma, but for God, there is no religion. If you pray with sincerity, He responds, no matter who you are and what you did,” Bishop Macedo said, who used the example of the thief on the cross, which was answered by Jesus because of the sincerity with which he spoke to Him. The Bishop said that the Lord Jesus wants to save us not only for eternity, but for life here on earth, with the abundance that He promises, but to do so, you must want His hand.

On this occasion, the Bishop called to the front of the altar all those who wanted the help of God for a change in their life and emphasized how would be this transformation. “Don’t expect an overnight change. What changes is our head (mind) God changes our head, and our head changes all of our being,” he explained.
Two years of a new lifeTwo years of a new life

Nubia and her husband, Diego, spoke about their life experience in these two past years that the Temple has been existing, and how their lives and family have changed since then. “We arrived at the Temple going hungry. My husband was addicted to prostitution and alcohol; my life was destroyed,” reported Nubia. She remembers the vow she made at the altar of God and how, since then, everything changed. “Today I am treated like a princess by my husband. Without the conditions, humanly speaking, we were able to open a company that has developed as well”. The husband, Diego, says that he learned what it is to be human. “Before I thought that a real man was the one who had multiple wives, here I have learned to appreciate and love my wife,” he concluded.


No matter the distance

This was the second time that Claudinei Bernardino, 61 years old, visited the temple. But there is a detail: he can only see with less than 5% of his vision and also lives in Guararema, in the countryside of São Paulo. To reach the Temple, the whole trip is made by bus, train and without a companion.

No matter the distanceTo be in the meeting on that Sunday, he woke up at 4:30 in the morning to prepare himself and take the bus. Claudinei gladly reported that he had learned to catch a bus to the subway station in Brás, and from there go to the Temple. But the week before, when he went for the first time, he went walking to the station (a distance of more than 20 minutes, remembering that this is a person with visual impairment). For him, even without being able to contemplate the physical beauty of the place fully, by the experience that he has lived and all joy he felt upon stepping in that location, the Temple is the biggest wonder of the earth. And when he was asked if it is worthwhile to confront all the difficulties to reach the site, he says: “My sacrifice is very little.”

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