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What do these animals have to do with your financial life?3 min read

What do these animals have to do with your financial life?3 min read

Learn some good and harmful characteristics of animals that can relate to your financial life:

The butterfly is something glorious. It takes from one month to a year for a caterpillar to turn into a butterfly. The caterpillar takes its time to crawl, to eat, to build its cocoon, and become a butterfly. Many die due to anxiety; if something takes too long, they give up. The anxiety disturbs our minds; don’t be anxious! Today, you may be dragging, but tomorrow, you will be flying.


The chameleon changes color because of the environment. There are people who are like this; they change according to the situation at hand. If everything is good, they are good, if everything is bad, they are bad. You cannot let the situation you are facing put you down; you have to fight to overcome the problems.


A dog’s motivation is out of the ordinary. If we leave home and come back 30 minutes later, it makes a party. Even when having a leash on, it is happy. The leash signifies the impositions of life, but we have to be motivated. The dog has a very strong quality: the owner could be with or without money, it is always happy. Always be motivated to be a better person than you were yesterday, to give your best in everything you do.

duckThe duck cannot fly either can it run because it wants to be good in everything. No one is good at everything. If you want to succeed in life, you have to focus on one thing only. You have to focus and put all your strength into winning in that one thing.

aguiaThe eagle is always renewing itself. This tired person inside of you has to be renewed. The eagle sees things from far away; it gets to see the biggest things from above. When it is raining here, the eagle is flying high above the clouds. In the same way, you must react when problems come; you have to see yourself already above the problems.

elephantThere is an interesting story about the elephants that are trained for the circus. These elephants are acquired when they are little, they are tied with strong chains, and put in a secured room. The little elephant tries to get out to the point of hurting itself. After so many attempts, one day it makes the biggest mistake, it gives up on trying. The elephant grows up having a trauma: “I tried but I didn’t make it.” In the circus, they can even tie the elephant to a plastic chair, and it will stay there because it thinks: “If I try, I won’t make it!” If the elephants only knew the strength they have, they wouldn’t stay tied to a chair. Regardless of how many times you have tried, try again!

lionEven when being bombarded, facing struggles, even when everything is coming against you, you have to react. The lion devours and it fights until the end. Regardless of the situation, go against it and overcome whatever you have to overcome.

chickenThe chicken’s eggs are sold all over the world. This animal makes a very strong advertising. It tells the farmer that it just put the egg. If the duck lays an egg, it doesn’t advertise it, but if the chicken lays an egg, it will do anything to advertise it. Business owners need to advertise their product in a way that everyone can be interested in it. If you are a business owner and you see that you haven’t been advertising your company well, start now!

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